No Time To Cook? Nothing In The Fridge?

No Problem! We literally are bringing OUR Table To YOURS.

Are Nonna's products fresh?

All of our products are made with all-natural ingredients free of hormones, preservatives or added sugar. If food doesn't taste fresh, we don't wanna know.

How Do I Pay For My Order?

We accept all forms of payment and all major credit cards.

Can I cook my entrees in the microwave?

So, here's the skinny on that. We give you fully prepared foods that you put the finishing touches on. It's what makes everything taste like it was made fresh because, well, it is. Once the food has been cooked in the oven, reheating in the microwave is fine. All of our products have storage and heating instructions to take the guesswork out of enjoying your food. Simply turn on the oven

How soon can I get my delivery?

Typically, we like to allow 48 hrs. to ensure the freshness of each entree. However, we can sometimes accommodate orders on the same day provided we have items in stock. Order by 11 am and you can receive your order by 6 pm the same day.

How many people do the entrees and sauces feed?

At Nonna's we don't like people to go hungry. That's why most of our entrees are made to feed at least 4-6 people. We do have smaller sizes in case you're looking to feed a couple of people or add a side dish to any of our larger entrees. All our entrees are made with our small batch sauces free of preservatives and added sugar.

Can I store my order in the freezer and for how long?

All of our entrees and pizzas are made fresh then flash frozen. Ideally, we feel once you receive your order you should enjoy it right away. However, you can store your order in your freezer for up to a month.

Can I make group orders to qualify for FREE DELIVERY?

Absolutely! It's one of the best ways to be able to get what you need delivered. We have developments, businesses, family, and friends getting their deliveries and everyone can order as much or as little as they need. Simply pick a convenient drop off location (clubhouse our individual home, etc) and we'll have everyone's order separated and labeled.